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Our Simple 4-Stage Process.

Our Simple 4-Stage Process.


Our Mission is to give men the opportunity to better their life through
structure, support, and encouragement, in a safe drug and alcoholfree


Integrity House Quick Facts

  • Recovery residence for men
  • We have multiple Locations in the greater Knoxville area with minimal waiting lists.
  • Each of our locations are centrally located to bus stops and local job opportunities.
  • We work with local courts, community corrections, TDOC & Probation to help each of our residents stay in the highest level of compliance as possible.
  • We work with community partners in job placement, community counseling services, insurance applications, and primary care agencies.
  • We have a program that is family friendly and will position each of our residents for success in re-establishing relationships.


To help men become integral parts of their community

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    Integrity House has given me a chance at life again. When I had no one and was lost.Integrity gave me the opportunity to rebuild my belief in myself.Though addiction has destroyed life as I knew,Integrity house has surrounded me with a family of brothers and love I never knew existed.Through working a rigorous program and self discipline I’ve come to learn a new way of life.Ive become a man of Integrity and I can actually see a future with light at the end of the tunnel.Integrity House has been such a blessing and a life saving factor.James “Bubba” Graczk thank you for believing in me and giving me an example of what recovery is,and how a man of Integrity walks the daily life.


    my name is Mikey and before I moved into Integrity House.I.was.a.lost cause.I.was a drug addict who would do anything.fir my fix I robbed stole drove into buildings.Now dorm the help of NA and Integrity have found a life line in a world of hopelessness.A brotherhood that supports.me and knows where I’ve been cause they’ve been there. At Integrity House I ha e learned to.live a clean sober responsible and.productive life. Not only have I thrived and flourished at Integrity House but Ive created a great support structure for my recovery and friends for.a.lifetime.


    I walked into Integrity House with little money in my pocket not a responsible person by any means,no accountability and stuck living in my past.Ive come to learn I don’t have to let my past define who I am today,it’s not what I do in the present that redeems my past it’s what I do in the present that gives me a brighter future I hold down a full time job I hold myself accountable for my actions I’ve got a promotion at work and held responsible for myself and my crew I’ve met ppl in this amount of time that I intend to keep in my life.


    The Integrity House has changed my life,everyone associated with Integrity are a great and positive influence in my life and in my recovery,Thanks for believing in me.Forever Grateful..